Ordering a TomNose

To produce a TomNose, I need to make a pair of accurate imprints of the inner nose (nostrils) of the person involved. This is done in my laboratory, in ‘s Gravenzande, Holland. To make an appointment you can send an email to Info@Tomnose.com or use the contact form.

Making the impressions takes about an hour. From these models a counter mould is produced, in which the actual (translucent medical allergy free) silicone TomNoses will be casted. The Final Tomnose will be send by post, but an express service can be offered. The Tomnose than can be collected in my lab after 3 hours.

Ordering a recast

The impressions and counter-moulds used to produce  the TomNose will be stored for a period of 5 years. If your TomNose got damaged or lost within his period and the fit was still fine, your can order a new set without the need for a visit. You can order a recast by filling in the request form

On site service

In special situations, where it’s not an option to come to the Netherlands to have the TomNose produced, we can offer an on-site service. Please contact me to discuss the options.