The TomNose is the best and most comfortable way to prevent ingress of water into your nose. It’s the perfect replacement for a ugly nose clip. 

A nose clip is often irritating and can even damage the tissue of the nose. Also there are many cases where the visual appearance of a nose clip can be disturbing, for example in sports like synchronize swimming. In some situations a nose clip is not even an option, such as mermaiding and off course in the underwater scenes of movies and Aquatic shows

In all those situation the TomNose is a virtually invisible solution to prevent any inflow of water regardless the position of the body.

The TomNose consists of two clear silicone rubber precision casts, tailor made for each nostril and worn inside the nose. 

Insertion and removal is easy as is demonstrated by some young users who demonstrate this to you in the video on this site “Capelle Demo” 

The TomNose has been approved by the medical committee of the Dutch Association of Underwater sports and has been used successfully by commercial and professional, national and international aquatic displays and already 30 years comprehensive for the Dutch Olympic synchroswimmers.

Used by Olympic synchronized swimmers all over the world and of course  the famous aquatic shows of Muriël Hermine, Moulin Rouge- Paris, Parc Asterix- France, Disney and Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas, especially used by actors in the Hollywood and Bollywood film industries and professional mermaiding. 

The TomNose is also used as a medical treatment against swimming pool allergies, frequent nose bleedings and apnoea patients.

Trainees at Dutch, Canadian and India’s Navy Helicopter Training Facilities, as well as numerous sports as triathlon, bare-foot water skiing and wild water canoeing, the ®TomNose is used whenever the inflow of water into the nose is likely to be painful or inconvenient.



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If you lost or damage your TomNose, you can order a recast to replace it.

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