After production of the Tomnose, it will be shipped to the address provided on the registration form. Normal delivery time is between one and two weeks.



In the unlikely even that the TomNose starts leaking continuously within 2 months after delivery, we compare it with the original imprint. If the imprint is still alright we will send you a new pair of TomNose free of charge. If the imprint is also leaking, the nose is changed after the imprint making. In this case we can make a new imprint with a discount.

The TomNose is made from a medical approved silicone. 

Always store the Tomnose dry in its nylon pouch.

This product is custom made and cannot be returned.


The TomNose is a custom made high quality product. Depending on the age the imprint is made it has an expected lifetime

  • Between 8 and 11 years, the expected lifetime is generally 2 years
  • Between 12 and 14 year, the expected lifetime is generally between 3 to 4 years
  • Above 14 years, the expected lifetime is generally between 5 to 10 years

Very unlikely, the tightness of the TomNose in your nose depends from person to person, but they never fall out unexpectedly, so that is nothing to worry about. 

No its not difficult, but it require some practicing in the beginning. Have a look at the video on this site where some kids demonstrate how they use it.

The Tomnose brings way more comfort than the nose clip. 

You can’t loose the TomNose during a performance

The TomNose is invisible for the audience 

It will boosts your self confidence, and hence your performance


Yes, the TomNose is a custom made product. On request, for large groups, we can visit you to make the models on the spot.

For a long life, make sure you always clean your TomNose after use with mild soap and store them directly into a dry location. 

Sometimes you have to massage the TomNose into it’s correct position until you can’t sniff anymore.